PKT6015 Elevator Rotary Encoder

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PKT6015 Elevator Rotary Encoder

External diameter 60mm MaxRPM 5000RPM(max) HollowShaftDiameter 15mm Vibration 70m/s2,200Hz,X,Y,YZeachdirection2h CurrentConsumption 150mA Impact 980ms2,6ms2,10~200Hz,X,Y,Zeachdirection2h Resolution 500-10000 P/R IPCode IP65 SignalForm ABZUV
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External diameter 60mm  Max RPM  5000 RPM (max)
HollowShaft Diameter 15mm Vibration 70m/s2,200Hz, X, Y,Y Z each direction 2h
Current Consumption ≤ 150mA Impact 980ms2,  6ms2 ,10~200Hz, X, Y,Z each direction 2h
Resolution     500-10000 P/R  IP Code  IP65
Signal Form ABZUVW  Working Temperature  -20°Cto+80°C
Frequency response  100kHz Max  Weight  ≈ 0.5kg

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