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Encoder ordering guide01

  • Publish Time: 2019-04-04
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Brief introduction of encoder
The encoder is a kind of high-tech product, concentrated on precise optic and precise machinery and tiny electric. It collects the rotate angle, 
position, speed and accelerated speed of the machine through the principle of transform between optic and electric. Then transmiting the data 
to the center controller in order to realize automatic control. So it is widely used in the automatic area such as machinery, machine-tool industry, 
elevator, papermaking, printing, packing, crane and so on.

Incremental encoder

1.  It will output corresponding resolution when the shaft of incremental encoder revolves. The revolve direction judgement and the add 
     or subtract of pulse number needsthe help of  Judge Direction Circuit  and counter to realize.
2.  The start point of the counter can be set freely. It can also  realize multi-circles unlimited accumulation and measurement. We can regard Z
      signal as counter    reference point.
3.  When the encoder goes a round, it will output a fixed  pulse, number which is same as the resolution. When it needs to raise the re-
     solution, we can interpolate to original signal,  using A and B signals of the 90°phrase shift.

Feature and Application

1. Small size, easy installation, strong ability of resistance.
2. High rotating speed, max up to 6000rpm, frequency response 0-100KHZ, it can be up to 300KHz according to the clients. 
    If request this, please note when order.
3. Wide range of resolution: 10-10000P/R, Standard operating temperature -10-70℃.
4. Strong ability of shaft load, shock resistance, vibration resistance, high reliability, long working life.
5. It has short-circuit protection circuit, line driver output improve ability of interference resistance and can extend the distance of 
signal transmission.
6. It is widely used in automatic area of automatic control and automatic measurement , such as CNC machine tools,  servo motor, high-
    speed elevators, robot, rolling machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, light industry machinery,  automobile industrey, 
    financial electronics, tanker, flow machine, testing machine and office automatic instruments.      
Output form, code, output circuit, wave form

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Encoder ordering guide02